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From bterhune <>
Subject Re: Camel Routing places KahaDB in an unexpected place
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2019 19:49:30 GMT
Using ActiveMQ 5.15.8 now,  I took your advice and put breakpoints around.  

Here is what I found..

1. On startup I hit MessageDatabase.setDirectory() with our customer folder
2. KahaDB directories are correct, let some time pass for messages to pass
across broker
3. Shutdown..  (We launcher a broker instance from our Java application)

I hit a breakpoint in BrokerService.createPersistenceAdapter():2503

Call Stack of breakpoint

getDataDirectoryFile:1096, BrokerService (
  getBrokerDataDirectory:1101, BrokerService (
  createPersistenceAdapter:2503, BrokerService (
  getPersistenceAdapter:1267, BrokerService (
  getSystemUsage:1179, BrokerService (
  checkMemorySystemUsageLimits:2178, BrokerService
  start:611, BrokerService (
  doCompositeConnect:127, VMTransportFactory
  compositeConnect:91, TransportFactory (org.apache.activemq.transport)
 * doReconnect:1011, FailoverTransport
  iterate:148, FailoverTransport$2 (org.apache.activemq.transport.failover)
  runTask:133, PooledTaskRunner (org.apache.activemq.thread)
  run:48, PooledTaskRunner$1 (org.apache.activemq.thread)
  runWorker:1149, ThreadPoolExecutor (java.util.concurrent)
  run:624, ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker (java.util.concurrent)
  run:748, Thread (java.lang)

If I had to guess, perhaps our camel connection to another broker is
attempting to re-establish the connection on broker shutdown and this is
causing an empty KahaDB to be created?

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