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From spyle376 <>
Subject (Artemis) Lost Messages with Colocated Backup Scale-down Failback
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2019 21:50:23 GMT
We're developing a strategy for backups and HA. Ideally we'd like to use
colocated backups to ensure data integrity and availability with scale-down
configured from the slave to the master host.

We ran into an issue when bringing a server back up, consider this

Servers 1 and 2 are brought up, and make colocated backups 1b and 2b. 1b
existing on server 2 and 2b existing on server 1. If I bring server 2
offline, 2b comes online then scales down into server 1 as intended. When I
bring server 2 back up, 2b does not failback. This leads to server 2
starting an infinite vote loop to find another server to create a backup for
it. Since server 1 already possesses backup 2b and is only configured for 1
backup it will infinitely reply that it does not have space for another

In this state, if more messages are sent to server 2 and server 2
experiences a crash those messages are lost.

I've created an example of this problem based on one of the examples in the
artemis source here

I've tested this situation with both replication and shared-store and the
problem persists. Any help would be great, we need colocated scaledown
failback working correctly.

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