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From nvsteenselvanderaa <>
Subject First configuration steps
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2018 07:29:36 GMT
/What are the first configuration steps to take to get a minimum viable
ActiveMQ instalation?/

This seems a question you would never want to ask, nor does it seem a
question i would want to answer when it's regarding a piece of software i'm
responsible for and have spent months/years training on.
However, needs must, and i'l try to explain it a bit.

Our company is currently running some PoC's on several pieces of software,
our team (Mule ESB) has to connect all those services to our existing

Two separate services need a message queue installed somewhere on your
servers to function properly, however our company does not have anyone
inhouse with experience in ActiveMQ. Our team has been given the task of
installing and configuring these queue's, we told mgmt we would do it but
that since there's no experience on the software it would not be production

So to recap:
Knowing that this installation will not be used for production data, what
steps do we take to make it:
At least basicaly secured.
Configure the recources it's using from the server (single/multi thread?)
And more importantly, what are the things we're likely to run into or

Now i know that this is a lot, and that my first reaction would be to tell
me to google it.
But it's now cost two persons a day, and so far we have not found a single
clear page on what to do.

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