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From Alain Rastoul <>
Subject Re: JAVA will be licensed from 2019
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2018 21:11:13 GMT
Thank you for your comments and answers.

Yes, I understood that oracle would commit to latest openjdk, and as  
said by mark reinhold in "who is in charge" talk, that they 'want java 
to be around  in 2030' :)
but as you said too, they will not commit to any maintenance branch, and 
that is the point: backports and LTS.

I maintain legacy software and could not update my application every 6 
months with a new major java version : ok for my code, but I don't know 
about glassfish?, spring? other libraries I use like mongo client, sql 
jdbc driver? then update old production servers hell ... no way
with the same major java version it is ok once a year if necessary for 
patches of course. Nothing exceptional.

After digging a bit, I found a medium post with mention of a twitter 
message  talking specifically  about LTS release provisioning  by 
adoptjdk (the link you gave).

I did not see it first time but in the adoptopenjdk/support/roadmap 
section there is a clear mention of LTS release supported for 4 years.
The bug fixes backport is not very detailed but there is a clear message 
of intention. Let's see how it works.
As you said this is where maintainers have to step in.
This adoptopenjdk initiative is really nice.



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