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From cezkuj <>
Subject SMB 3.0 as shared filesystem for kahaDB in Master/Slave
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2018 13:05:41 GMT

Is it possible to run ActiveMQ in Master/Slave scenario using SMB as shared
fs on Linux? Have anyone proved it to work?

I've searched this mail list and other resources and have not found a lot of
documentation on this topic. Few pages say that either it should work or it
works only for Windows SMB. I have decided to try it - in short words, it
does not work for our setup. Long description of whole setup below.

I'm trying to run ActiveMQ 5.15.0 in Master/Slave scenario with SMB3.0 (all
according to
, both VMs can use shared folder properly) as shared fs on Linux (being
concrete, docker containers running on alpine images on Centos 7.5). We use
KahaDB as storage and it works perfectly fine with NFSv4 and fails on Slave
takeover with SMB.

After installation, everything looks fine and promising. One of containers
is up and running in master mode, while the other one is "slave mode waiting
a lock to be acquired".

Then, after restart/removal of Master instance, Slave takes over lock for
very short time (in logs I can see that storage is started and lock is
acquired). Shortly after that, it fails with "localhost, no longer able to
keep the exclusive lock so giving up being a master" and everything starts
to stop one by one. Whole folder with data is corrupted and ActiveMQ fails
to start (same error with "no longer able ..." as above), even if there is
only one instance of broker using shared fs.

Any clues what is wrong there? My approach may be naive, I have only changed
shared fs from NFSv4 to SMB - everything else is the same.

Kind regards,
Cezary Kujawski

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