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From ievanliu <>
Subject cannot consume msg by a duplex network connect broke.
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2018 07:08:11 GMT
architecture: Broke A(a 3 instances jdbc cluster) and Broke B(a 3 instances
jdbc cluster), use duplex network connect, from brokeB to brokeA
productor produce messages into brokeA, consumers consume messages from
broke B, bridge queue like queueA,queueB

networkConnector config:

duplex="true" name="bridge_111"></networkConnector>

early this morning, brokeB happened a master change, by the pre-master lost
the jdbc lock.
broke B2 in the broke B cluster, successfuly became the master, and build
the network connection to broke A.
But, there is a problem that , producer can produce messages to BrokeA, but
consumers cannot consumer message from brokeB.

1、as the log shows, the network bridge has successfully been built。and there
are no other error logs info.
2、I found that, when consumer connect to brokeB to consume queueA, in broke
A, there is no consumers.Normally, here should be a network bridge consumer
to brokeA.maybe this is the reason.
3、restart the broke A and broke B,the problem happened as same

about 1 hours later, the problem disappear automaticly, and I can see there
is a network bridge consumer to brokeA.

who can help me how to troubleshooting this problem?

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