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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: Persistent store is Full, 100% of 107374182400. Stopping producer
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2018 18:52:55 GMT
For checking the DLQ, an easy option is to use the web console or a JMX
viewer such as JConsole to look at stats for the queue named ActiveMQ.DLQ.
Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on this page (
to determine which destinations have unconsumed messages that are keeping
your KahaDB files alive, which has the advantage of telling you which
destination even if it's not the DLQ.

As for the question of why the broker believes that it's using more of the
persistence store than what is used on disk, it's very possible that
there's a bug, but I wonder if maybe you're using compressed messages and
so perhaps the amount of bytes on disk are fewer (due to compression) than
the size of their actual content. I've not been able to check the source
code yet to see whether the usage for the persistent store is based on the
uncompressed size, so this might all be moot, but are your messages being
sent compressed or uncompressed?

Also, does the broker show the same percent utilization after a restart? If
the number changes significantly following a broker restart, then this is
definitely a bug; it not, there's likely something else (such as
compression) going on.


On Tue, May 29, 2018, 5:12 AM bharath <> wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> Thank you for looking into this.
> In my previous update i've not mentioned about File System space
> allocation.
> Let me explain you in detail.
> Active MQ data directory resides in File System : /u01/ActiveMQ . Total
> space allocated to File System : /u01/ActiveMQ  is 100GB
> In activemq.xml we have systemUsage values as below
> <systemUsage>
>    <systemUsage>
>         <memoryUsage>
>             <memoryUsage percentOfJvmHeap="70" />
>         </memoryUsage>
>         <storeUsage>
>             <storeUsage limit="100 gb"/>
>         </storeUsage>
>         <tempUsage>
>             <tempUsage limit="50 gb"/>
>         </tempUsage>
>     </systemUsage>
> </systemUsage>
> From above context from activemq.xml, my understanding is broker will use
> max of 100 GB in File system. But was not happen.
> When issue happen, data directory size under File System : /u01/ActiveMQ is
> 32 GB and 30 GB is free in File System.
> Why did we get 100% store when it could not have used 100 GB of spce from
> filesystem as we know 30 GB was free
> Also let me know how to check DLQ.
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