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From libing195205 <>
Subject What does “Messages Dequeued” mean on ActiveMQ web console page?
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2018 16:20:06 GMT
I’m using ActiveMQ v5.10.0, and on the web console page I can see two columns
named “Messages Enqueued” and “Messages Dequeued” for BOTH queue and topic.
I’m clear on what these two columns mean for queue, but confused on that for
topic. Because after a message enqueued into a topic, this message will be
“dequeued” multiple times depending on the count of subscribers of this
topic, and a live subscriber may die for some reason, or some new subscriber
may join at some time later.

*Picture_1: Message Dequeued for topics*

*Picture_2: Subscriber of customerMessageSendToCA*

*Picture_3: Subscriber of ReceptionCustomerInfoEmit*

*Question 1:*
Does “Messages Dequeued” mean the total times that all the enqueued messages
had ever been dequeued?

*Question 2:*
As the picture 1 shows, "Messages Dequeued" is 0 for
"", but NOT 0 for
As the picture 2&3 show, "" has two
subscribers which are both durable, and
"" has two subscribers which are
both non-durable

Why "Messages Dequeued" is *0 or NOT 0*, does it have something to do with
durable/non-durable subscriber?

I had ever posted it on stackoverflow, but no replies at all.

Really appreciate it if someone could solve my puzzle, great thanks in

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