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From bharath <>
Subject Persistent store is Full, 100% of 107374182400. Stopping producer
Date Mon, 28 May 2018 11:28:47 GMT
Hi All,

I'm new to Active MQ. 

Today users repoted that Active MQ is stopped and not processing messages.
When i verified log file noticed below error.

2018-05-28 00:40:19,190 | INFO  | Usage(default:store:queue://xxxxxxx:store)
percentUsage=0%, usage=107430821727, limit=107374182400,
percentUsageMinDelta=1%;Parent:Usage(default:store) percentUsage=100%,
usage=107430821727, limit=107374182400, percentUsageMinDelta=1%: Persistent
store is Full, 100% of 107374182400. Stopping producer
(ID:xxxxxxxx-28816-1526103479544-17148:1:1:2) to prevent flooding
queue://xxxxxxx. See
for more info (blocking for: 182s) |
| qtp947553027-132

activemq.xml file has value --> storeUsage limit="100 gb"
File system where KahaDB is residing has around 30 GB free space. Still
Active MQ failed with said errors. 

I have requested Unix admins to add 50 GB extra space to File system and
updated value --> storeUsage limit="130 gb" and started Active MQ. 

Then Active MQ is up and started processing messages.

Can some one help me to understand why Active MQ failed with message "
Persistent store is Full " even there is 30 GB free in File system.

Also i can see KahaDB consists 1 month older data files only. How is purging
happens in Active MQ. We are not using any script to purge old data.

Thanks in advance.

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