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From JackOfAllTrades <>
Subject duplicate message from store ID [snip] redirecting for dlq processing
Date Fri, 04 May 2018 17:21:23 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm using JAVA AMQ version 5.13.2.

I have two queues for basic inter-service communications; a command queue
and a response queue
So I sent "status" over the command queue, and the java service responds
with "active".

The code in the lead service looks like this:
(maybe typos since I can't cut and paste)
qConn = this .connectionFactory.createQueueConnection();

QueueSessions qSess =  qConn.createQueueSession(false,

ActiveMQQueue requestQ = new ActiveMQQueue(sendOnQueue);
ActiveMQQueue responseQ = new ActiveMQQueue(responseQueue);


// create the message
TextMessage msg = qSession.createTextMessage();

//set delivery mode

// set the response queue

// send the command
QueueSender qSender = qSess.createSender(requestQ);

// now get the response
TextMessage reply = null;
QueueReceiver qReceiver = qSess.createReceiver(responseQ);

reply = (TextMessage) = qReceiver.receive(timeOut);


That is the basics.....
So, I seem to receiving all of the status responses, but I am also getting a
lot of warning messages in the Activemq logs stating:
"duplicate message from store ID [snip] redirecting for dlq processing.

Why do I keep on getting all of these warning messages?
Thanks for looking

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