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From Suvp <>
Subject Activemq: Kahadb persistence adapter with Leased-Database-locker for locking mechanism.
Date Thu, 03 May 2018 21:11:22 GMT

If we are using KahaDb as the persistence adapter the the default locker
mechanism is shared file locker , with this we have restrictions on the
shared file system that we use. 

The shared file system requires an efficient and reliable file locking
mechanism . So if i am rite we should use either Nfsv4 or GFS2 file system. 

To mitigate above above issue and still use KahaDb as the persistence
adapter and we can use underneath mysql for locker mechanism.To get this
approach we can use leased-database-locker implementation. 

I have few queries with respect to using kahadb with leased-database-locker:
1) Since we are using leased-database-locker we have no restrictions on
filysystems rite? I am not restricted to NFSv4 or GFS2. Any shared
filesystem should be ok .

2) With above approach according to documents:
We have to rite custom handler to handle both the case of Jdbc locking and
kahadb persistence.  Does any one have example of these custom handler ?
will be helpful to refer and use the same. 

3) What other special cases that i have to consider using above approach. 

Thank You

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