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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: Oldest message in queue
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2018 04:03:58 GMT
On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 5:21 PM, irieb <> wrote:

> Yeah, sure this is old - but its a top search result when searching for
> this
> problem.... this reply is wrong, the oldest message when using the queue
> browser is the last one.

You say "the queue browser," which isn't very precise... Are we talking
about the capability of browsing messages in the web console, about the
"browse" task in the command-line admin tool, about browsing via a JMX
viewer such as JConsole, or something else entirely? If the web console,
the columns in the table are sortable, so any behavior you're describing is
purely the result of your own action (or inaction) - If the admin tool's browse task, the
oldest entry in the list when I did it just now was the first one, at the
top of the output - If you meant browsing
via a JMX viewer, when I did it via JConsole the oldest was the first item
(#1 of 400 as displayed in JConsole) -
So for the three interpretations of what you wrote that seem the most
likely to me, your description doesn't match the actual behavior (against a
5.14.5 broker, which is what I have installed at the moment). Can you
please be more specific about what you're saying the behavior of ActiveMQ
is in this case?

Moreover, there's no indication to me that the behavior of browsing a queue
is actually what Tobias Trelle was describing; to me, that message sounds
like he is describing the behavior of actually consuming from the queue
(which I would have said doesn't actually answer the OP's question). It's
all subject to interpretation since neither user has been active since 2010
so we can't ask them. But no matter whether Tobias was talking about
consumption or browsing, he's not wrong: he's unambiguously right for
message consumption, and he's right for the three forms of browsing that I
tested this evening, and not wrong for any use case I know of (other than
if you sort the web console incorrectly, which is just user error). So if
you've found some other means of browsing where message are returned out of
order, he might be only partially right, but he's not fully wrong, and we'd
still need to see whatever your browsing method was to understand if that
one really does behave incorrectly.

> What makes it worse is when there are over 200
> messages, it is the default page size - other than statistics or jolokia i
> do not believe there is a solution

You just listed one (JMX, via Jolokia) that does work and one more
(statistics) that might; I don't know the statistics plugin well enough to
be sure. Even ignoring the two others I mentioned that you didn't know
about, this is like saying "There's nowhere to drive my car other than the
road - sad!"

> - sad!. AMQ - why not support message
> ordering? weak...

In fact, we do, in both 5.x and Artemis.

In the future, you should be careful about lobbing accusations that seem to
be more an opportunity for you to vent than anything else, especially when
there's a risk that you might be wrong in what you're saying. If you've
found something you think might be a bug, we're happy to discuss, and to
fix any that turn out to actually be issues. But name-calling doesn't
generally win many people over, especially when you don't provide any
evidence for the claims you're making.


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