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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ.DLQ filled up with TopicSubdiscard and Duplicated deliveries
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2018 05:34:28 GMT
I'm confused about why you're seeing the behavior you're seeing.

Looking at, I
can see that we get the dead letter strategy for the topic, then copy the
message and use the dead letter strategy's expiration value to set the
message's expiration value. I don't see anything obvious that would explain
that value not being set on the message when it's moved to the DLQ. Would
you be able to get the ActiveMQ source for the version you're using, and
then set a breakpoint in that method to see why that code isn't doing
what's expected based on code inspection?

Also, it looks like you're not following the warning in the middle of, since
your queue="ABC.Q.ABCINT.>" policyEntry matches your DLQ name. I'm not sure
that this would cause the behavior you're seeing, but it certainly doesn't
look right, so you should fix it as part of these changes.

Finally, looking at the source for the DiscardingDLQBrokerPlugin, I'm not
seeing anything that would change the behavior of which DLQ to use for a
given topic. It looks to me like
DiscardingDLQBroker.sendToDeadLetterQueue() should just call
next.sendToDeadLetterQueue(), which would apply the same dead letter
strategy. Can you share any more information about this, or step through
that code with a debugger?


On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 4:40 AM, Agalatea <> wrote:

> I'm running ActiveMQ 5.15.0.
> My ActiveMQ.DLQ is filling up with messages with dlqDeliveryFailureCause
> like following:
> java.lang.Throwable: TopicSubDiscard.
> ID:ID:babbbbc63a56-37427-1523628495562-1:44:1:1
> java.lang.Throwable: Suppressing duplicate delivery on connection, consumer
> ID:82e8ed600671-38460-1517479481261-1:2:1:1
> And I'm hitting storage limit too often.
> How should I clean up ActiveMQ.DLQ in automatic way so that they expire or
> what to do to not have them generated at all?
> These messages with dlqDeliveryFailureCause different than expiration of
> message don't respect policies - they are not given expiration time set in
> sharedDeadLetterStrategy.
> My policies are following:
> <policyEntry topic=">">
>                         <pendingMessageLimitStrategy>
>                             <constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy
> limit="1000" />
>                         </pendingMessageLimitStrategy>
> </policyEntry>
> <policyEntry queue=">">
>                         <deadLetterStrategy>
>                             <sharedDeadLetterStrategy expiration="86400000"
> />
>                         </deadLetterStrategy>
> </policyEntry>
>                     <policyEntry queue="ABC.Q.ABCINT.>"
> prioritizedMessages="true" expireMessagesPeriod="1000">
>                         <deadLetterStrategy>
>                             <sharedDeadLetterStrategy
> processNonPersistent="true" expiration="86400000">
>                                 <deadLetterQueue>
>                                     <queue physicalName="ABC.Q.ABCINT.DLQ"
> />
>                                 </deadLetterQueue>
>                             </sharedDeadLetterStrategy>
>                         </deadLetterStrategy>
>                     </policyEntry>
> So far I tried:
> <timeStampingBrokerPlugin zeroExpirationOverride="86400000" />
> but expiration is not set for these "TopicSubDiscard" and "Suppressing
> duplicate delivery" messages.
> I also tried:
> <discardingDLQBrokerPlugin dropOnly="ActiveMQ.DLQ" reportInterval="1000"/>
> But then my policies for setting ABC.Q.ABCINT.DLQ as DLQ of ABC.Q.ABCINT.>
> stopped working, discarding plugin overrides them.
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