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From pathaari <>
Subject 1. Windows Platform support, 2.Net Client examples for AMQP Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 3. Persistent Storage
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2018 06:44:04 GMT

1. How good is the support for Windows Platform

2. I have tried to look for all examples of AMQP Dot Net, But I can find
just the hello world example, Rest entire documentation is with JMS API's
Do we have all equivalent examples for AMQP DotNet which are given for JMS

3. For persistence its mentioned, Apache ActiveMQ Artemis supports JDBC for
db vendors like PostgreSQL, MYSQL, But JDBC persistent store is still under
development. But the default is File Journal,

Do we see any advantages of File system vs database persistence, One could
be speed
But when it comes to security of stored messages, backup and restore

Is there no security with filesystem like we have have for databases. 
Can anyone who have access to file directly read messages from it by opening
in a text editor
How is the backup mechanism for it
Does it support restoring  similar to SQL Databases
In case of a hard drive crash, parts of SQL Databases can still be
recovered, Do we have similar possibilities for filesystem ?
Can we rely on the filesystem for Message storage where loss of data is
critical ?


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