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From Daniel Hutchison <>
Subject Getting 'java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "1-1"' errors when doing client side ack with STOMP clients if message sent by AMQP producer
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2018 17:53:15 GMT
Hey all,

When my STOMP clients try to do client side ACKs on a message that was
sent from an AMQP producer, I'm getting the following error message
showing up in activemq's log (and my stomp clients get an error on
their connection as well):

2018-04-13 10:38:40,263 | WARN  | Transport Connection to: tcp:// failed: Unexpected error occurred: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input
string: "1-1" | | ActiveMQ Transport:

I have been running activemq 5.10 with JMS java clients and producers.
 We have some programs written in PHP, Perl and Python that needed to
interact with the JMS messages.   So, I set them up using STOMP, and
everything has been running well for several years now (activemq seems
to be able to seamlessly transform the java text messages to stomp, and
I've been really happy with the system).

We recently had to integrate software that only supported sending AMQP
messages.   After integrating the AMQP producer, the messages sent from
it are not able to be ACKed by the STOMP clients (I tried all STOMP
clients I could, PHP, Python, and 2 different Perl modules).   All of
them reported the error when they tried to ACK the message.

I upgraded to activemq 5.15 to see if that would fix anything, but I'm
still getting the same error.   I am currently using
the transport.transformer=jms flag on my amqp transports (otherwise
the text body came with binary output in the stomp clients).   However,
I would get the java.lang.NumberFormatException with and with out the
transformer setting.

Here is what the activemq dashboard shows for the message causing the
error above:

    Message ID:  ID:4ddb14b6-6f7a-4ba2-ad91-755b3010c5c1:1:1:1-1
    Destination: queue://
    Correlation: ID
    Sequence:    0
    Expiration:  0
    Persistence: Persistent
    Priority:    4
    Redelivered: true
    Reply To:   
    Timestamp:   2018-04-12 16:47:01:133 MDT
    JMS_AMQP_MA_x-opt-jms-msg-type:  5
    JMSXDeliveryCount:               53
    JMS_AMQP_PROPERTIES:             true
    JMS_AMQP_HEADER:                 true
    JMS_AMQP_MA_x-opt-jms-dest:      0

The JMS clients don't have any problem acking the message on the client
side.  It is only the STOMP clients.   Since all STOMP clients I've
tested have the same issue, it seems like something inside activemq is
not working right.   The '1-1' that activemq is having problems with
seems to be part of the message ID that activemq has in its system. 

However, I'm not sure what I can do to work around the issue or try to
fix it.

Any insight would be much appreciated.



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