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From Rajesh Malla <>
Subject Re: Inactivity Monitor - closing connection exactly at given timeout even keepalive true
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2018 04:35:51 GMT
1) consumer -> broker - inactivity monitor closing connections ? 
    for this connection loss we will apply patch which you provided http
broken. this answer we got. 
 2) while configuring n/w connector do we need to provide any inactivity
parameters ? because I 
    have not provided due to that is it creating more tcp connections ?

from the output I am expecting is it creating more than one network
connector [ tcp connection to other host2 ].

I want broker to broker network connector should be created once and
whenever it is disconnected by inactivity monitor then it should re-connect
[ either failover / or spring dmlc ] so that our messages consumed by
n/w connector should establish only once.

but from output netstat, it is showing many tcp connections to other host
that is confusing [ as I don't understand output ], so my assumption because
it is creating more tcp connections with ESTABLISHED which is causing our
application to slow down and also because of this behavior consumer is not
able to 
establishing connection with broker [ we tried to increase ulimit also].
[all these are my assumptions but if the netstat output is proper when we
create n/w connector then we will think in different way after applying
http-broken patch which you provided ]. 

one more reason to ask configuration parameters about dynamic n/w connect
is, I have seen following parameters in activemq test java files  :

Thank you so much for this support.

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