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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: Camel Routing places KahaDB in an unexpected place
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2018 05:39:52 GMT
I'm still struggling to understand what exactly you're describing. To the
best of my knowledge, Camel doesn't use KahaDB, so that's making me unsure
of how to interpret what you've written. (Or if it does, please provide a
reference to documentation indicating how it does so, so I can learn
something I didn't already know.)

If I assume that Camel doesn't know anything at all about KahaDB and isn't
creating KahaDB files and that all such files are created by ActiveMQ, then describes the configuration options
needed to specify where the KahaDB database is written. You may have found
that page because you reference the <persistenceAdapter> configuration. Can
you please post that snippet of your configuration? Are you saying that
you're seeing two KahaDB instances, one in whatever directory you've
configured it and a second one in the directory you provided in your first
message? Or are you saying that there is only ever one set of KahaDB files,
but sometimes it's in the directory you chose and sometimes it's not?

To the best of my knowledge, ActiveMQ does not create KahaDB files on
shutdown, but rather on demand when messages need to be written to disk, so
I'm not what to make of the statement that the files are written only when
the broker is shut down. But it seems as though the path you described
would be created when calling
PersistenceAdapter.createPersistenceAdapter(), so you could attach a
debugger to the broker with a breakpoint on that method, and see under what
circumstances it's being called.


On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 11:56 AM, bterhune <> wrote:

> Thanks for looking at my message..
> We have two activeMQ brokers that send messages back and forth.   We are
> now
> using camel and spring configuration to define those routes
> For example:
>     <route id="SupportBundleResponse">
>       <description>Support Bundle Response</description>
>       <from id="F-A2G.SupportBundleResponse"
>             uri="activeMqVM:topic:support.messages.
> SupportBundleResponse"/>
>       <to id="T-A2G.SupportBundleResponse"
>           uri="activeMqGW:topic:support.messages.SupportBundleResponse"/>
>     </route>
> We are using persistence on topics but not durable subscribers.
> *Sometimes* when we shutdown, a KahaDB database is written to disk with the
> default of 32MB.  Using the unix "strings" command to look at the
> file the file contains all of our "producing" routes. I say sometimes
> because it only occurs about 50% of the time.
> As I mentioned we use <persistenceAdapter> configuration to place the
> KahaDB
> in a different location and limit the size to 16MB.    So, what I am
> calling
> the "camel" kahaDB is not using our configuration location.
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