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From Rajesh Malla <>
Subject Re: Camel generating message with correlationid=null and tmp-queue null
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2018 13:33:16 GMT
thank you Tim,

>>Caused by: Failed to perform GET on: https://URL
>>Reason: null 


>>>>>>... 1 more 
>>Caused by: 
>>>>>>at Source)[:1.8.0_60] 


>>>>>>... 1 more 

>>Is this the root cause of why your connections are already closed when 
>>trying to open sessions, etc.? If so, there's one of two possibilities: 
>>1. The broker is experiencing errors that cause it to close the connection 
>>prematurely. What do you see in the broker logs? Everything you've
>>so far has been from the consumer's logs. 
>>2. The load balancer is experiencing behavior that cause it to terminate 
>>the connection prematurely, e.g. due to inactivity or other problems. If 
>>there's nothing in the broker's logs that indicates a problem, this would 
>>be the next place to dig into. 

for the IOException, we are seeing below problem

clientID: ID:7450-51820-1521801292483-0:1

2018-03-23 06:35:01,302 58688438 [CustHttpTransportServer_1926295252-120]
WARN   - The clientID header specified is invalid. Client sesion has not yet
been established for it: ID:7450-51820-1521801292483-0:1

so, we are suspecting this is coming bcz blockingqueus are not able to
create, in our n/w peer we removed
networkConnector.addDynamicallyIncludedDestination condition because of this
even blocking queues are also replicated which is causing this problem
so blocking queues are created with *blockingQueue_<SOME NUMBER>* 

can you please suggest what pattern to exclude this blocking queue. or any
other suggestions ?
if we exclude blockingQueue_*  or  blockingQueue.* ? 
or any other way we need to follow ? please suggest

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