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From norinos <>
Subject Re: failed to start ActiveMQ
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2018 10:17:57 GMT
Hi Tim.

Sorry, because it contains confidential information, I can not attach the
file to the issue.

> So the question now is how you move forward. If you're able to live with 
> reprocessing the 511 messages that those acks acknowledged, then just 
> delete that file and continue on without it. But note that if you've got 
> 10GB in the persistence store and the only file that has a problem is the 
> most-recent one, you're going to very quickly hit the store limit again,
> so 

I deleted "db-531.log" and re-started ActiveMQ, but failed to start because
of following error.

2018-03-20 17:16:15,890 | ERROR | Looking for key 531 but not found in
fileMap: {
29=db-29.log number = 29 , length = 33554432, .............................
, 482=db-482.log number = 482 , length = 33554432}

> you'll probably want to figure out why db-29.log is still alive (check the 
> DLQ) and solve that problem. 

It is very strange why this old file is not deleted becase I don't use DLQ.

I set offlineDurableSubscriberTimeout and


But I checked the journal files, It seems that messages sent months ago are
left without being deleted.

Is offlineDurableSubscriberTimeout not working properly?

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