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From cnadukula <>
Subject Re: Removing values appended by Artemis in message body when doing a message copy in Interceptor
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2018 01:07:16 GMT
hi Justin,

I am using version - apache-artemis-2.4.0. and for the Java dependency i am
importing "*org.apache.activemq:artemis-core-client:2.2.0*"


as you can see above the, Packet which is cast to the type
SessionSendMessage has a getMessage() implementation which has the return
Type of the implementation of the Interface ICoreMessage
When in my IntelliJ i click to navigate to where the implementation is it
takes me to the below class. 

import org.apache.activemq.artemis.api.core.ICoreMessage;
import org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.protocol.core.impl.PacketImpl;

public abstract class MessagePacket extends PacketImpl implements
MessagePacketI {

   protected ICoreMessage message;

   public MessagePacket(final byte type, final ICoreMessage message) {

      this.message = message;

   public ICoreMessage getMessage() {
      return message;

   public String getParentString() {
      return super.getParentString() + ", message=" + message;


The interface ICoreMessage has multiple implementations as seen below


Now the copy Method is being picked up from one of the two implementations
(ClientMessageImpl or CoreMessage) as shown below


The getBuffer() method is in CoreMessage implementation, whose return type
is ByteBuf (io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf)

Please let me know if i missed any details or if am wrong. 


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