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From blakecmartin <>
Subject Forget about disconnected brokers/subscribers
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2018 15:29:52 GMT
I have the broker setup described here:  Problematic broker configuration

Due to the nature of this network, brokers sometimes go offline. I can't
make any guarantee about when brokers come back online.

I'm seeing the following warning: *TopicSubscription: consumer=ID:[...]: has
twice its prefetch limit pending, without an ack; it appears to be slow*

What I believe is happening is that messages destined for subscribers on the
disconnected part of the network (i.e., on the other LAN) get spooled
indefinitely. This eventually causes an OutOfMemoryError on one of the
brokers (not a catastrophe because the broker isn't embedded in the

I'd like my messages to be "fire and forget". If a remote subscriber is
unreachable because one of the brokers is offline, drop the message. It'd be
even better if I could forget the remote subscriber exists after a short

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