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From tcomprak <>
Subject Artemis and Python
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2018 18:49:36 GMT
I am contemplating using Artemis as a message broker. My use case is the

- Messages are not published at a very high scale. Probably a few thousand
messages every minute or so
- Need persistent messages with guaranteed delivery
- Need a HA solution (There is no shared storage, so will have to be
replication) so that client can failover and continue publishing/subscribing
- Should do not depend on any external services (like zookeeper) - the
deployment must be extremely simple
- Clustering is not a must, but if it's required for replication, it's setup
must be very simple

Based on the above and after reading the Artemis user manual, it seems like
Artemis would be a good fit. I however have a few questions

- Does Artemis support Python client APIs ? The user manual does not say it
explicitly, but I want to be really sure
- I understand that no external services are needed - Can someone please
- If I need HA with replication policy, is clustering a must ?
- Is setting up a cluster straightforward with Artemis?
- Does Artemis work well or windows platforms ? Any known weirdness/quirks?

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