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From adirubin <>
Subject ARTEMIS - Selector modification
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2018 16:39:54 GMT
Hi, I'm using Artemis 2.3 via JMS.
I have a durable shared subscription to a topic, with some selector
(filter). I would like to change the selector at runtime without

I've found some forum threads regarding ActiveMQ (not artemis) that suggest
it is possible using jmx:

Is there any such api for artemis? Or any other solution?

My use case in detail: I have a highly-available application subscribed to a
topic (a cluster of 2 or more webservers, using shared subscription). The
app would like to receive only a subset of the messages, but may be upgraded
to handle additional types. The application must be constantly on-line, so
the servers are upgraded one at a time. Once a server is upgraded, it'll
attempt to create a durable sared consumer, but with a different selector,
and will fail.

Adi Rubin

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