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From cnadukula <>
Subject Re: Disable access to Dead Letter Queue
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2018 15:49:05 GMT
hi Justin,

just wanted an insight on what i was doing.

We are trying to disable curl/hawtio access to one of our production artemis
instances and only to dead letter queue. I tried one of the suggestions that
you had put in
but that did not work as expected. so this is what i had done. in the
management.xml file, i added the below entry, under <role-access> element.

<match domain="org.apache.activemq.apache" key="queue=DLQ">
     <access method="*" roles=""/>

But every once in a while (rarely), is see what i was looking for. which is,
when i access DLQ it say "No operations found for this.......", but after a
push some messages to DLQ and check back again, i am able to see the
messages on the queue via both hawtio browse operation and also via curl.

Am i missing anything here or is this a bug? Please advise.


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