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From Archibald <>
Subject [ARTEMIS-2.4] Unable to copy text from console's editor
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2018 08:22:46 GMT
Hi all, 

I'm running Artemis 2.4 with console enabled. Security settings allow
connection from any host.
However I am not able to copy any text from the console's editor. For
example if I browse the DLQ I see undelivered messages being listed in a
kind of (disabled) editor. 
Why is it not possible (allowed) to copy text from here? E.g. I want to copy
the msg id to submit a retry command.
Even the "Copy value to clipboard" does not copy anything.
BTW: Chrome explicitly shows a disabled context menu entry. FF's entry is
not disabled.

Can someone enlight me?

Thanks, A.

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