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From Premik <>
Subject [ARTEMIS 2.4.0] JMS Client Java 7
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2018 19:01:04 GMT
Is there a way to connect to the Artemis server (2.4.0) using JMS client on
Unfortunately I'm stuck with Java 7 on the client side. I tried to use jars
from the Artemis 1.4.4 (the latest one supporting jre7 I believe). But the
message always goes to DLQ. I have the destination auto-creation enabled and
I can see the address+q gets created. But the message ends up in the DLQ

I could run the 1.4.4 also on the server side. Where it seems the very same
code works. But that is really not great. Is there some wire-level
incompatibility between the versions? Would for example Hornet libraries
work better using the legacy connector?

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