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From kj <>
Subject Message Dequeued count increases by a lot after a message is failed to send to a subscriber
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2018 18:23:34 GMT
This is the story:

I am testing whether messages are sent to the DLQ if a subscriber has failed
to receive a message.

I start off with the following settings.

Topic = topic1
Messages Enqueued = 0
Messages Dequeued = 0
Number of subscribers to topic1 = 1
Retry policy count = 0

I post a message to topic1 using the ActiveMQ web console. The subscriber
receives the message as expected and it throws a runtime exception as
expected. I except the message to be sent to the DLQ and that happens as
expected. After this all happens I check the number of messages enqueued and
it says 1, which is expected. I check the number of messages dequeued and it
says 2, which is what I don't understand. I'm under the assumption that it
should say 1.

Could someone please clarify whether why the count is 2?

Thank You

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