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From Dustbit <>
Subject Re: [Artemis] Some data isn't delivered using Paho client
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2018 11:17:12 GMT

I work with Raul and we found what was causing the problem.

Problem and steps to reproduce:

- Connect subscriber to broker (cleanSession=false)
- Subscribe 3 topics (through 3 different calls using the same client)
- Disconnect subscriber
- Send 50k messages to the broker (broker holds messages as it's queues are
- Connect subscriber (with same clientId)
- Subscribe the same 3 topics (through 3 different calls using the same
- No pending messages are sent to the subscriber, even though they're in the

When disconnecting the subscriber again some message were flushed, but
reconnecting again resulted in the same stale situation.
New messages arriving the broker were being sent just fine to all topics,
only the ones already there were not sent.

If instead of subscribing through 3 different calls for 3 different topics,
we subscribe in 1 call with the 3 topics (as an array) everything works fine
on reconnect.

I think there's something wrong on the re-attach/reconnect logic that is
causing this behavior, that's why when I was disconnecting (and
unsubscribing) the 3 topics, when it reached 1 topic only the broker started
sending the messages.

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