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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: dlqDeliveryFailureCause java.lang.Throwable: duplicate from store for queue
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2018 14:17:14 GMT
On Jan 12, 2018 7:55 AM, "alainkr" <> wrote:

Hello Tim,

Thanks for your reply.

I saw that post but it mentions the following issues that don't apply to our

- AMQ-4485 fixed in 5.9

I interpreted Gary to mean that this was the cause of, not the fix for, the
problem. But I could have misunderstood.

- AMQ-5266 jdbc store which we don't use

I agree that this shouldn't fix the problem for you. Since you hadn't told
us anything about your setup, I hadn't realized that it didn't apply to

We're using 5.10.0 :
- with no network of brokers.
- basic queue's and topics

We're planing to use authentication and maybe virtual topics

Are you using transactions? AMQ-4485 seems to be specific to the use of
transactions, so it would be good to know if you're using them.

Can you reproduce the problem reliably and quickly in a test environment?
Or is this the type of problem that only occurs once every 6 months and
only in an operational environment?

What version would you recommend ?

I usually use the final incidental version of the previous minor version,
since you know it's had a little time to shake out any bugs and you know
there won't be any more incidental releases due to urgent bugs. So right
now, with 5.16 not yet released, that means 5.14.5.

But I mostly work in conservative organizations that impose lots of rules
on any software upgrades; in a more flexible environment, I'd probably just
run the latest version and upgrade when new versions come out. But if
you're going to take that approach, I'd wait for 5.15.3 to come out, since
there's an out-of-memory bug being discussed in another current thread and
I'd wait for that fix.

Nothing says that upgrading will fix your problem, but since 5.10.0 is
pretty old and people using newer versions haven't been complaining about
the issue you're seeing, upgrading to 5.14.5 or 5.15.3 seems like a
worthwhile thing to do if it's an option.

Thanks from Paris France


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