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From alainkr <>
Subject How can Memory percent used be 100 if cursorMemoryHighWaterMark is 70%
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2018 22:44:06 GMT

Using activemq 5.10.0 we had a production issue where Memory percent used
was 100%

I've beeing trying to reproduce but I can't get the memory used % above the
default cursorMemoryHighWaterMark of 70 %

I've trying "flooding" several queues with huge messages but I can't get
passed 74% memory usage.
I've tried to start several consumer with the default prefetch of 1000 which
I thought was going to bring back a lot of message back in memory but no :
memory remains at 74%

So under what circumstance can the Memory Used approach 100% like we had in
production ?

Thanks for your help


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