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From swclhard <>
Subject activemq-artemis: Is database support just still for evaluation purposes?
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2018 08:33:13 GMT
Hi all,

Latest documentation is still containing a warning:

The Apache ActiveMQ Artemis JDBC persistence store is under development and
is included for evaluation purposes./

Is it still true?

Why is it just for evaluation?

Is it planned to resolve it? If yes, in which version it will be resolved?

Also the list of supported database seems to be obsolete, because I saw that
there are already implementations for derby and oracle persistence.

We will need to replace activemq-artemis with ActiveMQ as embedded broker in
our wildfly, if it is still just experimental, because of our company
policy, which requires database persistence. As far as I see, it is possible
to embed ActiveMQ in our wildfly, but has some drawbacks in terms of
recovery. It would be better, if we could use artemis. 

Documentation also contains:

/Address full policy Paging is currently not supported./

Does it mean, we will run out of memory, if to much messages are in the

Thanks + Best Regards

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