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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: Amazon MQ
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2017 17:47:41 GMT

On 12/08/2017 10:39 AM, Justin Bertram wrote:
>> You can imagine that such organizations who make tons of investment in
> ActiveMQ are not impressed by claims of 'better architecture' or my
> 'journaling system is faster'.
> Do you have a list of what these companies are, in fact, impressed with?  I
> tried to Google for it but it didn't turn up much.
Yes, it's hard to get a list, but you know people talk to each other. I 
don't have the 'list' but I have knowledge, like many others here. 
Companies don't advertise what technologies they use, when, how or why. 
And that is true for commercial software as well. For instance, I can 
say this, which may or may not be speculation: would it surprise you to 
find out that WalMart uses ActiveMQ 5.x and say, Oracle Database 12c?

At ApacheCon in 2009, Mike (tried hard to remember the last name, but I 
bet Bruce can tell you) explained how Sabre was successful with ActiveMQ 
with 0 (as in ZERO) downtime. 100% availability. Bruce worked with them. 
I cannot find the presentation, but I found this slide 11 in Adrian's 
presentation [1]. That mentions the FAA as well, a project I may know a 
thing or two about (or not, pure speculation). So, every time you think 
and you land safely, think of the traffic controllers and ActiveMQ that 
plays a part in that process.

So bottom line, you really need to know what you're looking for to find 
something on google, uhm bing.

>> I think it would be good for you to interact more with other parts of RH.
> Which parts of Red Hat do I need to interact with more?  Please elaborate.
> I need your help here.
Willing to help and may be able to, but certainly not on this list.

Other thing to elaborate is this. The ASF is not biased towards one 
project or another. We want them all to succeed based on their own 
merits. That's what ASF members do (or should do, others drop out and 
pursue other interests). Also different members have different styles, 
something to be mindful of.

There is a narrative going on that some are -1s and stuff like that 
which creates distrust and well, doesn't help. You, hear things, see 
things, you believe what you want to believe. I will tell you this and I 
hope you'll believe it. ASF members are here to help. We try to help all 
the projects. If you need help ask for it and you will get it.

To sum it up, think of the power of a 100% uptime in 2.5 years coming 
from the Sabre CTO, not some geek, using open source (and in 2009, not 
2017). That's what gets a project successful. Bruce is definitely the 
guy who can talk more about this. Transitions are also possible and the 
names doesn't even matter that much: think MariaDB, Jenkins. It's all 
about value.

I'll stop here. Have fun.

> Justin


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