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From zaptos <>
Subject ActimeMQ runtimeConfigurationPlugin doesn't work as expected
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 21:29:19 GMT
I've been configured ActimeMQ as MQTT broker using *jaasAuthenticationPlugin
& runtimeConfigurationPlugin* features, but unfortunately I have an issues
when I don't understand - is it a bug or feature in ActiveMQ:
1) There is a configured user *test *with password *testpass*. The ActiveMQ
is running and the client has been subscribed to the topic *test/topic*. 
Everything works as expected - when I try to produce some messages for this
topic, the client is receiving it. Then I change password to another one,
for example *qwerty*. I see that the configuration has been reloaded, but
the client is still connected! If I stop the running client manually and
start it again, I'll get the error about wrong pair username\password. 
2) The same situation, but I've added permissions for write\read the
specified topics only using *authorizationEntry*. I've started the MQTT
producer which successfully publishes messages to this topics, but when the
pattern of topics in the *broker.xm*l has been changed and the configuration
has been reloaded, nothing happens expect warnings *"user is not authorized
to write to the topic XXX"* in the logs, but the producer has no error and
continues publishing.

My question is how can I enforce to disconnect such clients\producers?
Because as I said after reconnected they are getting an expected error that
the credentials or permissions are wrong. Thanks!

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