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From Devlin <>
Subject Selectors with virtual topics in broker networks
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 15:55:54 GMT

Trying to validate if our current setup is configured properly for virtual
topics with message selectors in a broker network. Based on preliminary
observations, virtual topics appear to works as expected; producers send on
topics, consumers receive on queues, regardless of where they reside in the
network. We did, however, observe the following problem:

Virtual topic producer sends 10 messages, consumer gets 7 messages, then we
kill the consumer to force a reconnect. When consumer connects back, the
remaining 3 messages are not forwarded to the consumer, they appear stuck on
the queue. If the producer sends new messages, the consumer, oddly, receives
the new messages.

I found this post, it suggests disabling conduit subs on queue connectors,
but enabling it on topic connectors (currently we disable it for both) 

## Virtual topic interceptor
## We deviated from standard virtual topic conventions due to our security
model, but it works 
            <virtualTopic   name="*.*.*.vtopic.*"   prefix=""   postfix=".*" 
selectorAware="true" />

## network connector
                    <queue physicalName=">"/>
                    <topic physicalName=">"/>

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