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From "muralidhar.koyya" <>
Subject ActiveMQ Messages Stuck in Pending State
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2017 22:35:29 GMT
I have seen several threads on this subject. But couldn't get some basic
information on why messages goes into pending state. 

Some background:
We are using ActiveMQ 5.X. Below are the properties taken from JMX console
for a durable consumer.

Active - TRUE
Client - MessagingClient.XXX
Connection - undefined
Connection - ID:<consumer-server>-<number-ID>:1
Consumed count - 0
Cursor full - FALSE
Cursor memory usage - 200376888
Cursor percent usage - 18
Dequeue counter - 236507
Destination name - <des-name>
Destination queue - FALSE
Destination temporary - FALSE
Destination topic - TRUE
Dispatched counter - 236528
Dispatched queue size - 0
Durable - TRUE
Enqueue counter - 286298
Exclusive - FALSE
Maximum pending message limit - 0
Message count awaiting acknowledge - 0
Network - FALSE
No local - TRUE
Object Name - 
*Pending queue size - 53842*
Prefetch size - 100
Priority - 0
Retroactive - FALSE
Selector - service in ('XYZ') OR table in ('ABC')
Session - 2
Slow consumer - FALSE
Subcription - 1
Subcription name - <sub-name>
Subscription - 1
Subscription name - <sub-name>
User name - 

Have few basic questions on pending messages.

1. What causes the messages in ActiveMQ topic go into pending state? 

Our observations: We have seen pending messages when we have a slow
subscriber or more number of messages (in several thousands) are created by
broker in short span of time.

2. Does inactivity of the durable consumer cause the messages getting into
pending state? What happens if we disableInactivity Monitoring with a
consumer? Hope this forces the connection to keep alive with consumer all
the time. Is there any negative impact with the setting on consumer/client?

3. Are there any ActiveMQ server/client configurations which could avoid
messages getting into pending state?

4. How can we access the messages (content) when messages goes into pending
state? JMX console only provides the number/count of messages?

Would really appreciate any inputs.

Best Regards

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