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From Tim Bain <>
Subject Re: Some questions about ActiveMQ JMX MBeans
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2017 05:55:17 GMT
On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 10:20 PM, Shobhana <> wrote:

> I want to monitor my broker using JMX MBeans; useJmx is set to true. I use
> AMQ v 5.14.5. I have a few questions:
> a) How can I get current connections count? I see TotalConnectionsCount
> but I think this gives a count of all connections since the broker was
> started even if the connection is no longer active.

Looking through the code (AbstractRegion.removeConsumer() and
BaseDestination.removeSubscription(), for example), it looks to me like
this counter gets decremented when connections are removed, which would
indicate that it's the count of currently-active connections rather than
the total number that had ever been made. But that's purely from code
inspection, so you'd probably want to double-check that you're seeing the
behavior you expect before you go relying on it in production.

> b) Why is TotalDequeueCount higher than TotalEnqueueCount?

For topics with more than one consumer, each message is enqueued only once
but dequeued once per consumer. There might be other situations that could
also cause this, but the topics explanation is probably the most likely to
be the reason you're seeing that behavior.

> c) Why is TotalMessageCount always 0? MemoryPercentUsage and
> StorePercentUsage are also 0 always

Do you have unconsumed messages in your broker at the time you're looking
at those values? If not, that would explain the behavior you're seeing.

> d) Can I use wild card entry for destinationName to get statistics for all
> destinations that I am interested in? We have tens of thousands of
> destinations and hence querying by each destination is unreasonable.

If your question is whether your JMX query can return multiple MBeans by
specifying a wildcard in the object name, then yes it can. However, be
aware that using JMX to interact with MBeans in another process involves
RPC calls that are expensive, so iterating over tens of thousands of MBeans
will be unreasonable from a performance standpoint even if you could get
them all via a single query. You may want to look at the Jolokia JMX-HTTP
bridge (which gathers the statistics within the broker's own JVM and then
simply transfers the results via HTTP) to get better performance. There's
some basic information at the bottom of,
but you'll need to Google if you need further information about how to use


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