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From Shobhana <>
Subject Messages stuck in broker
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2017 09:59:27 GMT

I have a network of brokers with just 2 brokers in the network. Relevant
configurations are shown in attached files :

On Node-1 :

On Node-2 :

When a topic subscriber is connected to Node-1 and publisher is connected to
Node-2, sometimes I see that messages are stuck in the broker and not given
to subscriber. Statistics on Node-1 show that consumer is connected :

I can also see some messages are enqueued :

However, dequeue count is 0 :

I had used same configuration in my test environment before rolling into
production and in my test env, my subscriber would always receive the
messages sent to any of the brokers. The main difference between my test env
and production env is that the production env has a high no of connections
(several tens of thousands) and topics (again several tens of thousands)!

Any hints on why messages are not delivered? How can I analyse further?

Thanks & Regards,

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