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From Devlin <>
Subject Re: Using failover with updateClusterClients, which one has precedence?
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 16:33:55 GMT
Ok, that won't help because our network is full graph. From the client's
perspective, is there a way to see the most updated failover connection
list? We're using these methods, but it always shows brokers in what appears
to be alphabetic order.

    BrokerInfo bInfo = connection.getBrokerInfo();
    BrokerInfo[] brokers = bInfo.getPeerBrokerInfos();

Also, regarding updateClientFilter on the transport connector, we want to
filter brokers by region, our broker IDs are simple, eastbroker1,
eastbroker2, and westbroker1, westbroker2, etc. The pattern in the
documentation has this:


..which I think means any broker id containing 'A', and then any brokers
containing 'B', so for our case, we would tighten that up with the following
to select brokers starting with 'east', then brokers starting with 'west'...


Is that correct?

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