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From Jeroen van Ooststroom <>
Subject Clustering ActiveMQ in an Amazon ECS/Docker/Weave environment
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2017 13:32:44 GMT
Hi all,

I’m stuck with getting an ActiveMQ cluster going within a Docker 
environment using Weave. The environment runs on an Amazon AWS ECS 
Cluster of 2 EC2 Instances running in the same Region, but in different 
Availability Zones. The clustering of ActiveMQ must rely on multicast 
due to the scaling nature of ECS.

I used Tomcat’s SimpleTcpCluster to confirm that multicast is working at 
the Weave level. (The only changes I did for this was to add unique 
jvmRoutes to each Tomcat instance and uncomment the SimpleTcpCluster 
configuration.) However, trying to cluster ActiveMQ has been 
unsuccessful so far. I took 
[active-mq-home]/examples/conf/activemq-dynamic-network-broker2.xml as a 
basis and changed the brokerName for each ActiveMQ instance to be 
something unique. However, after trying both tcp:// and 
tcp:// for the openwire transportConnector the two 
instances still won’t form a cluster.

I suspect that ActiveMQ tries to use the network interface that does not 
support multicasting. The container ActiveMQ is running on has two 
network interfaces to its disposal: eth0 (Amazon AWS ECS) and ethwe 
(Weave). The latter does support multicasting. The IP address mentioned 
earlier ( is the IP address assigned to the ethwe network 
interface. How can I get clustering for ActiveMQ to work based on 
multicasting in this environment?


PS: I'm using ActiveMQ 5.13.4.

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