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From Shobhana <>
Subject MQTT Subscriber gets disconnected frequently when there are large number of MQTT clients connected
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2017 08:19:46 GMT
Background : We use AMQ to exchange MQTT non-persistent messages between our
server components and clients (Android/iOS devices). About 100-200
messages/second get exchanged during peak hours.

This is our MQTT transport connector configuration :
<transportConnector name="mqtt+nio"

When there are more than 10000 MQTT connections (and roughly about 30000
topics), the MQTT subscribers get disconnected. Even publish operations time
out (timeout is set to 60 seconds on the publisher and subscriber end).
After a few attempts, connection gets re-established. Once broker enters
this state, disconnects become more frequent and after sometime, the
reconnect also fails forever until the broker is restarted!

Any suggestions on how to investigate why this happens? Since this is a
production environment, I can't debug/profile the broker. I have checked
memory usage and CPU usage .. both are well under control. Thread dumps show
that there are no blocked threads. Log level is set to WARN only. Sometimes
I see following error in log files when this happens :

Any clue about what is happening or how to investigate further?


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