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From hakanj <>
Subject Re: Need help investigating committed messages resurfacing after restart.
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2017 07:09:51 GMT
It is possible that there is a bug in the ack compaction feature, but if so
it only shows itself in
some very special cases. I have tried stressing it, but to no avail. In all
my tests the broker
does the right thing.

There are no cron jobs deleting any files in this system. The broker thinks
that the KahaDB
database is structurally sound. No complaints about any missing files during

When we looked in the logs of our other applications we could see that the
resurrected messages
were processed as expected, when expected, including a transactional commit
to the broker. Before
the broker was taken down the queue was empty, with matching EnqueueCount
and DequeueCount.

The TRACE level idea is great and will probably show what is happening, but
I am afraid of running
out of disk space. The logs would be huge as we need to run the system for
several months before
the issue happens. The broker is running on a virtual machine with limited
available disk. There is
also the performance impact to take into consideration. We would need to do
some performance
measurements before trying this in production. If the performance impact is
not too bad, then we
could ask for a proper disk to be added to the machine and move the logging
there with the TRACE

My current plan is to take a copy of the kahadb directory once a week and
take a look at it. I have
found some utilities that shows the contents of those files. Right now the
error has not yet
occurred, but it has only been running for a week so far since the last

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