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From pypen <>
Subject Re: Message redelivery when producer broker killed (without persistence)
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2017 19:32:49 GMT
Thank you both for your answers.
Yes, Justin, that's what I meant (non-persistent messaging).

I guess, I will have to look into different solutions.
Is it for example possible to force messages to be always sent to a local
consumer, if one exists, otherwise to a remote consumer (if one exists and
no local consumer is running)? And if the local consumer starts again to
send all messages to the local consumer? It looks like the JMSXGroupID seems
to work for the case that the local consumer receives the first message and
all following messages will be delivered to that same consumer, until this
consumer is stopped. The problem is that once another (remote) consumer is
"pinned", the local consumer will not receive messages until that remote
consumer is stopped.

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