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From khandelwalanuj <>
Subject org.apache.activemq.SERIALIZABLE_PACKAGES property affecting Map Messages
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2017 06:24:58 GMT

I am using ActiveMQv5.14.5 and observing below mentioned behavior with

We have a use case where python producer using stomp send json data({'P1':
False, 'end_date': '20170911'}) to Java Consmer where Java Consumer expect
to receive it as jms MapMessage.

When I run ActiveMQ broker with
"org.apache.activemq.SERIALIZABLE_PACKAGES=*", the workflow works fine and
consumer is able to receive message.

However we I specify some specific package which are used 
"org.apache.activemq.SERIALIZABLE_PACKAGES=java,com.test,test,local" I
receive the same message as JMS TextMessage. And received text message
contents are : 

producer side message: {'P1': False, 'end_date': '20170911'}
Consumer side received text message:

I have no idea why this property which is supposed to be used for
ObejctMessages is affecting this workflow. This sounds like a bug. Any help
would be appreciated. 


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