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From Tomohisa Igarashi <>
Subject Intermittent empty message, unexpected number of messages received, and etc
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2017 20:10:25 GMT

I'm working on Apache Camel camel-jms to run its tests against Artemis as well. They are currently
running with ActiveMQ5 only. Here is my working branch:

The problem is that some of those tests randomly and intermittently fail with Artemis, while
it never fails with ActiveMQ5.
Sometimes it unexpectedly receives empty message, the number of messages received is different
from expected (sometimes more, sometimes less).
Everytime I run whole tests there're from 3 up to 20 failure or flaky tests, but none of them
fails 100%, sometimes it just passes. If I run one of those flaky tests individually, it's
more likely to pass.

First I suspected my test setup to running multiple EmbeddedJMS instances might be doing something
wrong, so extracted to plain Artemis test. But it just works as expected. no garbage, neither
too many nor too few.

One note is that camel-jms is using spring-jms underneath.
Does anybody have any idea to narrow down the issue?


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