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From Juleian <>
Subject Defining legit Stress Test for ActiveMQ with JMeter
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2017 11:50:59 GMT
Hello everybody,

I used ActiveMQ for a pub/sub system as central topic of my master thesis
and now I need to create 
some kind of stress test for the broker as part of an evaluation. Ideally,
Id like to have a setup with innumerable topics, subscribers and publishers.
By now, I just have a basic setup of a few participants.

I have some questions regardign the set up: 

For publisher X: Threads define the amount of publishers X; when setting the
value for loops, does that define the amount of times that data is sent from
one permanent publisher? Or does it always delete the publisher, create a
new one and sends the data for repetition within the loop? (what numbers of
repititions imply)

For subscriber X: I dont really get what loops (repeating the test) mean in
this term, form my understanding Id like to have a subscriber for a specific
topic waiting for messages. And as long as there are messages coming hes
active and will shut down if there are no more messages coming (for instance
for interval 3 seconds)

Is there a way to define various topics wihtout doing this per hand? By now
I always copy pasted thread groups and changed the topic manually. Since
everything is running on my local maschine (i5 2500k) my cpu is overstrained
when defining too much threads.

I guess for monitoring aspects the response time graph is important for me.
But what does it exactly mean? Is it for Publishers the time needed to send
the message to broker / And for subscriber to get the message from the

I know that are a lot of questions, nonetheless I hope someone can help me.

Bets regards,


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