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From mtod <>
Subject ActiveMQ DLQ issues
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2017 23:42:22 GMT
I'm running ActiveMQ 5.10.0 with an embedded camel route. It's been running
fine until we connected the master to an instance 5.14.5.

5.10.0 Network Connector:

			<networkConnector name="connector019" duplex="true" networkTTL="2"
userName="${activemq.username}" password="${activemq.password}"
					<topic physicalName="mirth.applogger"/>
					<queue physicalName="esb.>"/>
					<topic physicalName=">" />
					<queue physicalName=">" />

Now I have been experiencing a lot of messages going to the DLQ.

I looked at the messages and they don't seem to have anything wrong with
them I did notice the following:

dlqDeliveryFailureCause	java.lang.Throwable: TopicSubDiscard.

I'm not sure what this is telling me.



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