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From Michael André Pearce <>
Subject Re: JBoss AMQ versus Artemis AMQ
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2017 21:28:59 GMT
Hi Oliver,

Rather than answer this for a specific vendor as Apache spaces are meant to be vendor neutral
e.g. shouldn't be pushing /selling their products. You will find though on activemq site a
list of known vendors providing such services.

This is the same as probably most Apache open source products where commercial vendors sell
support. Good other examples are the Apache Hadoop projects with Hadoop vendors, Apache Kafka
and Apache Ignite all having vendors backing those projects.

In general the benefits of Apache Open Source is that you can use the product un-restricted
and at any scale. 
Like wise most Apache projects are very active with most critical issues being patched quite

User forums are great places to ask questions or discuss issues, where other users or the
devs on the projects help each other.

You of course can always fork and self patch as well. Some large companies go this route as
well as the other end of the scale with tech start ups.

The benefits of vendors that provide support for open source project, is that typically they
will have committers on the project or developers who are at least very active, this means
they know the code and in cases of critical issue obviously you have them to call upon with
commercial SLAs.

Like wise typically vendors will fork the project and bundle a project with some additional
extras or bundle a couple of projects together as a single product package.

Another part is obviously they tend to provide long term support for particular versions,
if required.

To understand further what specific vendors offer obviously it's best to visit their websites
or contact them direct.


> On 24 Aug 2017, at 21:46, Oliver B. Fischer <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> my colleagues and I are going to build a new distributed system based on Apache Artemis.
> Now we have to answer the question to ourselves if we should go for JBoss AMQ with support
contract or should we use Apache Artemis directly.
> Is there a good reason to choose JBoss AMQ?
> Would be nice to have your opinions on this.
> Best,
> Oliver
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