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From Mark Raynsford <>
Subject Re: [Fixed] Programatically setting up a proxying broker
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 12:51:19 GMT
On 2017-08-03T06:29:48 -0600
Tim Bain <> wrote:

> OK, glad to hear that it's working properly now.
> But I'm surprised to hear that you think the existing classes don't do what
> you want; what are you looking for that you couldn't get?

Sorry, that was phrased poorly. What I meant was that the abstract
NetworkConnector class doesn't actually seem to implement much by
itself; all of the useful functionality (such as actually creating
connections to brokers) appears to be contained within the subclasses
such as DiscoveryNetworkConnector. I didn't realize this when I
subclassed it and so ended up with a connector that didn't really do

Thanks for your time!

Mark Raynsford |

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