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From sfmckenrick <>
Subject Artemis 2.1.0: Trouble connecting clients using replication failover
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2017 01:25:44 GMT

We are using Artemis in a HA cluster replication configuration with
fail-over using static connectors. We have 1 master and 1 slave. 

I followed the examples that are included with Artemis 2.1.0, but I am still
having three potentially related issues.

1) Occasionally, when the master fails and the slave becomes live, the
producer client will fail to connect with an exception of "Unblocking a
blocking call that will never get a response". The consumers never seem to
have this problem, only the producer. 

2) Once the master fails over, our clients will stay connected to the
cluster and continue to produce/consume messages like normal. While the
master is offline, we are unable to (re)connect clients. We receive an error
message similar to this, "Cannot connect to server(s). Tried with all
available servers" This does not change until the master is the live server
and the slave goes back to backup. 

3) Our last issue is when we are using durable topics. When our clients exit
gracefully, we do not have an issue. However, when the clients are not shut
down cleanly, it looks like the connection is sometimes not cleaned from
Artemis. When we go to reconnect the client we get an error saying there is
already a connection with the same client id. 

It is quite possible that all of these issues are because I am new to
JMS/Artemis. I would appreciate any help and insight any of you have to
offer. When I get back into the office tomorrow, I will add my broker.xml
and my client connection. 

Thank you!


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