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From zaeem <>
Subject Re: How to find consumers on an exiting ActiveMQ Queue in c#
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2017 15:56:22 GMT
I have already checked the examples. Those let you create a queue or create a
consumer and producer on existing queue or new queue. I'm only after finding
information on an Existing Queue and how many producers there are under that

So Im able to successfully connect to AMQ using the snippet below
            Uri connecturi = new Uri("activemq:tcp://****:61616");
            IConnectionFactory factory = new

            using (_connection = factory.CreateConnection())
                using (_session = _connection.CreateSession())
/// Now here i should be able to check for a queue and the number of
consumers it has
/// Same thing for finding number of producers on that queue

Now on AMQ i have around 12 Queues for which i need information about.

One Queue Example is Lets say "Test.Queue" which has 5 consumers. I need to
know these 5 consumers on this queue

What or how would i write the c# equivalent code to access this queue using
NMS and statistical plugin.
The example on the URL is java based. Sorry im not been able to get around
this issue and seems like there is no way other than writing something in



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